Story of a dress - model Julia

Story of a dress - model Julia

In this series, we are sharing with you the story of how the dress style was created, what inspired it or what it means to you and to our company.

Dress Julia 

Sometimes, the design of a dress is inspired by a specific fabric color 🎨. This was precisely the case with Julia's dress style. We fell in love with one of Chrisanne Clover's newest fabric colors - Saffron 🌼. A new, super vibrant but not “acidic,” noble, and deep yellow color.

We knew we wanted a dress in velvet Saffron. The fabric color is rich by itself. You can’t have too much or too busy a design when you use fabric like that. So, we needed something basic in terms of design to take full advantage of the luxurious fabric and to emphasize the beauty of velvet in yellow Saffron. It looks like a bright spot of sunshine on the dance floor ☀️!

This dress makes you feel warm and joyful just by looking at it 😊. It attracts attention despite the simplicity of its design. Once you see it, you just can't forget it. It became one of our most loved styles and colors by our clients 💛.

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