Story of a dress - model Bella

Story of a dress - model Bella

In this series, we are sharing with you the story of how the dress style was created, what inspired it or what it means to you and to our company.

Dress Bella 

In Latin, "bellus" means charming, cheery, pretty and beautiful. And “beautiful” can come with different expressions – dramatically beautiful, elegantly beautiful, classically beautiful , you name it. Our dress Bella is cheerfully and playfully beautiful! When you think of a girl in a latin dance dress, you think of a flying skirt that twirls with every move, of a lively top that will remind you of the origin of the latin dance – countries full of sun, love, fun and blossoms! We wanted to bring to life the spirit of those cheerful cultures by combining the delicate guipure lace top with a dropped waist skirt. It looks like a flower when it opens up to show its pretty petals for you to smile and feel the wonder of a joyful day.

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